Tuesday 18 February 2020

Nostepinne - what it is and how to use it

A Nostepinne is a really handy tool for hand winding a centre pull ball of wool.  It is tapered one end, where you wind your ball, so you can slide it off easily and has a handle the other end.

A hand turned Nostepinne

These are a brilliant tool if you like to rewind commercial balls of wool to make it easier to knit from, or divide a ball into two small balls for sock knitting.   Also Ideal for spinners to wind balls from their skeins or hanks.

So how do you use it? well you will develop you own technique with practice, but the basic principal is quite simple.  I would suggest for beginners to tie the end around the handle to start with, just to stop it disappearing somewhere in the ball, never to be found again. Then wind round the centre of the tapered top part a few times until you a lump starting to form.  Once you have this to work over you need to start winding diagonally and as you wind turn the nostepinne in the other hand.  The method is not that easy to describe, much easier to demonstrate.

In the first photo you can see how I have tied the end around the handle and easy to undo knot is the best, it doesnt need to be tight.

Nelly - Inspecting my work as usual 
The video below shows the winding method 

When you have wound all your wool on you will have an oval shaped ball on your Nostepinne and its now ready to take off.  Untie the know around the handle and pull it off its as simple as that.  The strand on the outside can be tucked in under some of the other outside strands, to keep it tidy and the other end should unravel easily from the inside.

All done and ready to use
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