Andean Plying Tool - How to use

Andean Plying is a method of plying using both ends of the same singles into a 2 ply yarn.  Personally I don't think its a viable option for plying large amounts as it is much easier to ply from 2 bobbins.  It is however, invaluable for samples and finishing up the odd end of a bobbin.

We designed our own Andean Plying tool after I watched a lady with Arthritis struggling and then struggling with the process myself.  The traditional way uses your hand as the tool and you wind around the back of your wrist and around your middle finger.  This can cause several problems, firstly it can get quite uncomfortable and secondly, while you are winding you are stuck and cant really put it down or take it off your hand, so if someone knocks on the door, the phone rings or you need the loo or something you have to take the bobbin you are winding from (or your spinning wheel) with you!  It can also be next to impossible to extract your hand if you have wound a large amount onto your hand, especially if it is a bit on the tight side.  With this in mind we designed a simple tool that does the same job as your hand, but you can put it down and walk away half way through.  It is also comes apart for easy storage and I discovered can also be used for winding your plied samples into mini skeins! 

Here is a video I made a few years ago showing how to use it.

We have sent these out to lots of happy customers and you can find them in our shop or click the link ...   Andean Plying Tool

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