Origami Star Tutorial

To make a small Origami Star you need paper and a lot of patience....

1.  Cut strips of paper about 1.5cm X 21cm
cut several to allow for mistakes.
2.  Make a loop like this.
3.  thread the short end through to make a knot in the paper,
4.  Wiggle it and pull the ends gently to tighten it
5.  Flatten it
6.  Fold the short end under level with the edge
7.  Fold the long end under level with the edge.....
you should now see you have made a hexagon
8.  Now continue to wrap the long end around
 until you have a short end left (probably 4 folds)
9.  Now for the tricky bit.
You have to tuck the short end in
behind the two pieces that form a wide V shape,
10.  and push it in until it folds flush to the edge of the hexagon.
11.  now you have a flat hexagon
12.  Now for the even trickier bit..... this is make or break....
you have to hold it by the edges and push in the middle
of one of the edges with your nail at right angles.
(its really not easy photographing this! you can use both hands)
13.  If the first one worked move round to the next edge
and do the same.
If not...start again from step 2 with a new bit of paper.
14.  Continue as before on the next edge.
15.  Show your cat to see if its up to standard.
Continue round all sides.
Tweak as necessary and you have a star...

or you will have a folded bit of paper
that does not resemble anything

in which case give it to your cat
and have another go.... Its cool when it works  :) 
Happy Folding....

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