Friday 19 November 2021

British Wool For Spinning - Shetland

 I Like to promote British Wool and Rare Breed sheep's wool.  I am gradually adding more to the shop.  Here are a few Shetland wools we have in the shop.

Shetland from The Cotswolds

This is some lovely local Shetland from a local farm here in the Cotswolds.  I have used this wool quite a lot, It has been hand scoured and it is lovely and soft when spun.  It takes quite a lot of carding to get a really smooth fibre but is worth the effort. I do like working with hand processed fleece as you have much more variation of colour and I actually like a variation in texture too that is much harder to achieve with commercially processed wool.   It is in the shop now in 50 bags    Shetland Wool

Commercially Processed Shetland Top  

For less work, we also have lovely Shetland Mootit Top, ready to spin.  Commercially processed top lacks some of the character of hand processed fleece, but it is a lot less work.  It comes in a chain which you can just pull out gently to undo and start spinning.  You can find it in the shop here Moorit Shetland Top

Grey Shetland is another lovely wool and goes so well with the Moorit or the White, together they would make a beautifully warm jumper!  Grey Shetland Top

The White Shetland is also lovely to spin and is here White Shetland Top